Ink Public Relations’s tacky, sexist, and hetero-normative messages in the green room at SXSW

Ink Public Relations’s tacky, sexist, and hetero-normative messages in the green room at SXSW

Image by Tricia Wang 王圣捷
INk Public Relations put these sexist shit cards for speakers in the green room. The cards were scattered all over each table. The last piece of advice was completely offensive.
"A speech should be like a women’s skirt: Long enough to cover the topic, yet short enough to be interesting."

Anetv writes on twitter "tech-centric venues wonder why they’ve trouble recruiting women? & ppl wonder why young girls feel that tech isn’t "for them?"!/anetv/status/49941317681283072

I wrote about this in my SXSW roundup:…

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12 Responses to Ink Public Relations’s tacky, sexist, and hetero-normative messages in the green room at SXSW

  1. pillowhead says:

    Flipping the script = "A speech should be like a man’s penis: short enough to cover the topic, yet long enough to be interesting"

  2. elliptic curve says:

    Wow, how tacky.

  3. indythegeek says:

    A speech should be like a post-Freudian: short enough to avoid the phallus altogether, long enough to use metaphors that make sense.

  4. Tricia Wang 王圣捷 says:

    tweet that indy! :)

  5. adamgreenfield says:

    You know, I don’t actually expect any better from idiot marketers. Which is why I folded about 700 of these into structural supports and built cardhouses with them. Probably phallic ones, admittedly. But you can’t have everything.

  6. ekissane says:

    Astonishingly, it appears that the marketing/PR cruft at SXSW is getting more gross and sexist each year, instead of less so. I’d have assumed someone was riding herd, but it seems not. (I know you’ve seen it, but for others:

  7. adamgreenfield says:

    Did you happen to notice the young women in the "I’d Tap That!" t-shirts?

  8. luthorvondoom says:

    "A speech should be like a Scotsman’s kilt: Long enough to cover salient points, yet short enough that we pay attention to what’s revealed."

  9. Tricia Wang 王圣捷 says:

    hey I really love all these alternative metpahors @indythegeek and @luthorvondoom do I see the start a new meme? :) Hey @adamgreenfield I’ve been reading the Art of power by Thich Nhat Hahn – been thinking about power from a totally diff angle, but enjoyed your last blog post No I didn’t notice the woman in that shirt -did you take a pic? @ekissane I agree – I hope that they see people are bothered by this on twitter….

  10. _heather_r_ says:

    What year is this?? Are we all stuck in an episode of Mad Men? That’s some serious smokey boardroom sh*t. Ugh. Related: My most-favorite least-favorite part of SXSW were the girls on rollerblades with short skirts and exposed midriffs hawking "free iPads!" outside the HIlton. So absurd.

  11. Tricia Wang 王圣捷 says:

    omg @_heaterh_r I totally forgot about that – there needs to be some tumblr that collects images of this side of sxsw…it seemed to be a bigger marketing circus this year right?

  12. _heather_r_ says:

    Hold up, check this… THIS is the Ink PR team: (all ladies) (And, yes, though I haven’t been before, there was way more marketing than I ever could have imagined. And aggressive marketing at that. I was accused of being "grumpy" by a guy who tried to pawn his brand’s dog fart tshirt off on me — because only a grumpy person would not want that, right?)

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